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I'm Phil Votaw, your trusted personal injury lawyer in NWA and your River Valley. As an experienced personal injury attorney, I understand the challenges faced by those without considerable financial means or influence when dealing with insurance companies and large corporations.

As your personal injury lawyer, I'll be your equalizer, leveling the playing field against powerful insurance companies. I'm willing to invest the necessary resources to ensure your success. Don't let financial barriers hinder your pursuit of justice – let us fight for your rightful compensation.

Roy Plotts

Client Review

"My wife and I needed to gain guardianship of her mother when her mothers health declined. Phil Votaw & Associates handled our case and got us the results we were looking for in a timely fashion. I was very happy with there service."​

Charlie Hewett

Client Review

Phil is the best choice I could have made. He sticks with you thru every step and always makes time for you if you need to talk or have questions. Hands down the best personal injury lawyer your ever gonna find.

Misty Tedford

Client Review

Phill and his staff did a amazing job handling my car accident. They take good care of you they get you to the Dr. that you need to get you back to feeling better after your wreak and while you are healing they are fighting your case. You may think it is taking a long time but it is all necessary for them to get the best possible outcome. They got my Dr. bills paid and lots of money in my pocket. They are always ready to answer any of your questions threw out the process. I would recommend 100%.

Philip Mauter

Client Review

I was given Mr. Votaw's name as a reference from a trusted friend for an accident of a family member. He was very prompt in getting back with us. After spending quite a bit of time on the phone explaining the incident, he offered guidance inside his scope of practice and was very truthful in saying that there is another attorney more suited given the circumstances of the accident; that is a sign of good character and ethic. He even directly facilitated contact with the other attorney and followed up to ensure contact was made. I would definitely reach back out to Phil Votaw.

At Phil Votaw & Associates, our mission is to provide access to the civil justice system for everyone, regardless of their financial situation.


We believe that justice should not be limited by financial constraints. With our dedicated team, you can expect relentless advocacy and a commitment to winning your case.

Our Mission

Car Accident

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Social Security Disability

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Dog Bite

When a dog-related injury occurs, the resulting physical and emotional trauma can be severe. Votaw Law is dedicated to representing victims...

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